Complete Auto Repair

Checking Car Engine Oil LevelIn order to keep your vehicle running properly, we offer complete car care services. We always offer top notch services in our NAPA auto care service center. Complete auto repair takes place at Ponzini’s Community Garage & Towing by our expert, qualified, and certified technicians. They have many years of experience in performing any repair, large or small. We can handle any problems you have, from a simple oil change service to a complex engine overhaul.

We use high-tech diagnostic equipment for our automobile repair services. We want your vehicle to get the best car repair services with the highest quality replacement components, parts, filters, and oils. When it comes to car maintenance service, we are the best and fasted around! We are a AAA certified tow and repair shop, always providing an accurate and rapid diagnosis. We are also a certified smog station.

Because we know some customers cannot afford to be left without transportation while their car is in the shop, we can help arrange a rental car for them at an affordable rate. We never want to keep customers waiting, so if you’d like to leave the shop while we work on your vehicle, we will gladly give you a call when we are finished. We are devoted and committed to providing quality services and hold ourselves to a high ethical standard of customer service.

Maintenance neglect is the biggest reason a vehicle will break down. Regular maintenance at Community Garage & Towing can protect you from the expense and troubles that come from putting it off for too long. Our thorough maintenance procedures ensure that your car is safe to operate when we’re done with any services. When you bring your car to us, we can perform any of following services:

  • Oil Filter Changes – We recommend that this be done every 3,000 miles.
  • Fluids & System Checks – We check all fluids such as anti-freeze, windshield washer solvent, transmission, power steering, brake, etc. Regular fluid and system checks help ensure the safety and performance of your car.
  • Tire Air Level Checks – Under-inflated tires can cause you to lose fuel efficiency.
  • Engine Tuning – Your fuel efficiency is reduced up to 30% if there are blockages in the fuel injector or if there is a faulty spark plug.
  • Lubrication – We properly lubricate all parts to enhance the life of your suspension system.
  • Battery Checks – We check your battery cable for corrosion and clean the posts when necessary. We also check the battery fluids and refill as needed.
  • Light Checks – We check the complete lighting system including taillights, brake lights, turn signals/indicators, and headlights.
  • Windshield Wiper Checks – We check your windshield washer blades and change them when needed. We suggest they be changed once a year for proper visibility and safety.
  • Engine & Timing Belt Checks – We inspect the engine belts to make sure they are properly working without any signs of excessive wear or cracks. Any problems with belts have a high impact on engine performance.
  • Air Filter Checks – We check the air filter for any damage or clogging. We try to clean it first. But, if it can’t be saved, we will replace it.

We care about our customers and want to make sure you and your car are taken care of properly. You can contact us online anytime or call the shop at 408-779-5322 for car repair estimates.